Thursday, May 26, 2011

packaging : flavoured peanut

when strolling around shopping mall, pass by the long shelves. your eyes will aimlessly searching for the stuff to buy right? but it's just happen if you walk into the shopping mall without to-buy list. haha. so what the first thing that will attract you to grab any stuff? of cause their appearances or might called it as packaging.  packaging of the product or stuff is really important especially for the new product. that is to compete with other product that already well-established. consumers not really tend to try any new products when they already felt in love with their regular products. so packaging is the trick. it need to be attractive. so the consumers will wander toward it and buy it like being control under the spell. or at least just hold it. haha. so here is my previous project of redesign the product of local junk food that is Norisz Flavoured Peanut. the original packaging is utterly simple by using the transparency container. i need to redesign all of the layout including the logo, barcode and container's shape. i decided to choose the concept of pop art which consist the various of colours and basic shapes that are plus symbol, circle, hexagon, bold line and ornament. so here it is. maybe one day if this design will be on the shelf, people will be under spell when stare on it and buy it. perhaps. haha. but still, the stuff is must be tasty though...


 bar code