Wednesday, October 13, 2010

favourite drummers

when talks about drum, there are various names of famous drummer emerges inside my head. it's hard to classify whether who are great, average or worst drummers because there are a lot of good drummers emerge recently till makes me wonder why and how they are very good at it. sometimes it make me envies because i can't possibly plays like them. usually, people will look into certain aspects to judge them for example, based on the speed of their strokes alone. but for me, i classified them into several elements such as showmanship, creativity, unique and speed. i really admired the drummer who wrote the great beats. the beats sometimes heard like unpredictable and off note (actually not). i can't barely aspect that they gonna come up with that kind of beat. i'm not looking on how fast or hard their beats are like other people think. so there are list of my favourite drummers according to those elements. and please don't compare them with any drummer's tycoon like mike portnoy, lars ulrich, jimmy chemberlin, dave grohl,  etc because they are already classified as legend. you might not agree with me but this is my own judgement. for me, they are upcoming legends...

travis barker - blink 182

 alex rodriguez - saosin

branden steineckert - rancid

atom willard - angles and airwaves

dango - amber pacific

the rev (r.i.p) - avenged sevenfold

derek grant - alkaline trio

dan stapp - senses fail

derek bloom - from first to last

byron mcmackin - pennywise

alex shelnutt - a day to remember

cyrus bolooki - new found glory

dan whitesides - the used

Longineu W. Parsons III - yellowcard

 shannon leto - 30 seconds to mars

  tucker rule - thursday

Sunday, October 10, 2010

MODE:Reversed #2

last week i went home and tunneling around my bedroom to search my earlier artworks. but unfortunately only these i could afford to find. i don't know where's the rest been. that's suck. from now on, i'll make sure all my artworks been stored into my own safety vault. so it hard to say that MODE : Reversed maybe stop here. there's no another sequel because the possibilities that i can find my other earlier artworks is very least...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Type Can Talk

there are many ways to describing yourself to other such as about your interests, hobbies, experiences, capabilities etc. the usual way is via verbal. instead of that, there are other ways to telling other people about yourself such as via images and typefaces or in another words 'type can talk'. by using these ways, people can make their self opinion based on their understanding of what they saw. and the opinions will not be same. so there are some examples that i'd done early this year. now make your own opinion...