Thursday, May 26, 2011

packaging : flavoured peanut

when strolling around shopping mall, pass by the long shelves. your eyes will aimlessly searching for the stuff to buy right? but it's just happen if you walk into the shopping mall without to-buy list. haha. so what the first thing that will attract you to grab any stuff? of cause their appearances or might called it as packaging.  packaging of the product or stuff is really important especially for the new product. that is to compete with other product that already well-established. consumers not really tend to try any new products when they already felt in love with their regular products. so packaging is the trick. it need to be attractive. so the consumers will wander toward it and buy it like being control under the spell. or at least just hold it. haha. so here is my previous project of redesign the product of local junk food that is Norisz Flavoured Peanut. the original packaging is utterly simple by using the transparency container. i need to redesign all of the layout including the logo, barcode and container's shape. i decided to choose the concept of pop art which consist the various of colours and basic shapes that are plus symbol, circle, hexagon, bold line and ornament. so here it is. maybe one day if this design will be on the shelf, people will be under spell when stare on it and buy it. perhaps. haha. but still, the stuff is must be tasty though...


 bar code


Friday, December 31, 2010

two dozens : the best and the worst albums

i'm not gonna write about vision, aim or wish about a new year. it's cliche. what the purpose of mentioning all of them instead of proving it. so here i just want to share about music stuff. actually i really concern about music i've been listened to. i always keep track on my favourite bands, i know when they gonna release their new album, i wear their tees, i download their music videos, i read the latest info of the bands and many more. so there are many bands and genres that i've listened to. so here i just want to list down the two dozens of best and worst album for year 2010. those which classified on the best side is mean that they maintain their great tunes or maybe better than their previous album. and on the worst side is maybe because of they've change thier tunes or lack of catchiness or idea. so i hope they doing better for the next album and i won't give up on waiting. i also list down the recommended songs for the best side just to let you know how good these album are. i prefer begin with the best side and i already arranged it based on my interest order...

best albums

band : of mice and men
album : self title
recommended songs  : second and sebring, westbound and down, farewell   to shady glade, this one's for you


band : a day to remember
album : what seperate me from you
recommended songs : it's complicated, all i want, better of this way, out of time

band : from first to last
album : throne to the wolves
recommended songs  : going lohan, ill inoculate the world with virus of my disillusionment, last grits

band  : comeback kid
album : symptoms + cures
recommended songs : g.m. vincent and i, because of all the things you say, the concept says, get alone, crooked floors


band : bullet for my valentine
album : fever
recommended songs : the last fight, bittersweet memories, dignity, fever, begging for mercy


band : our last night
album : we will evolve
recommended songs : across the ocean, elephant, the air i breathe, mouth machine gun, distance is destroying me, into the future

band : amber pacific
album : virtues
recommended songs : an anthem for the young at heart, shine, conviction, the good life, the best mistake


band : story of the year
album : the constant
recommended songs : the ghost of you and i, i'm alive, the dream is over, holding on to you, ten years down


band : my chemical romance
album : danger days : the true lives of the fabulous killjoys
recommended songs : sing, bulletproof heart, save yourself i'll hold them back, summertime, destroya


band : underoath
album : disambiguation
recommended songs : in division, paper lung, vacant mouth, in completion

band : conditions
album : fluorescent youth
recommended songs : make them remember, illuminati, keeping pace with planes, better life


band : limp bizkit
album : smelly beaver
recommended songs : sniffing, shut it up, deserve more

worst albums

band : senses fail
album : the fire


band : alkaline trio
album : this addiction

band : anberlin
album : dark is the way light is a place


band : korn
album : who are you


band : lostprophets
album : the betrayed

band : avenged sevenfold
album : nightmare


band : cancer bats
album : bears, mayors, scraps and bones


band : jimmy eat world
album : invented


band : alter bridge
album : III


band : good charlotte
album : cardiology


band : before their eyes
album : untouchable


band : circa survive
album : blue sky noise

Friday, December 3, 2010

first artwork of adobe illustrator

i begin to use adobe illustrator since 2008. quite late right?. at that time i used adobe illustrator CS2. frankly, i already installed it since 2006 (not so sure) but it just being unused icon on my desktop cause i don't know how to use it. but it's ok cause when people saw my desktop they might think 'uhhh this guy is using illustrator, he must be good in designing'. haha. i learn to use adobe illustrator not by my own but my lecturer was taught me so. he taught me from the very basic (thanks sir). so i know the main function of adobe illustrator is to TRACE. so for the 1st assignment, as a introduction of adobe illustrator, he asked me (and classmates) to trace the portrait of real people. who else should i choose as subject? of course my favourite drummer, travis barker. FYI, this project is killing me cause i need to be very patient to trace it. especially the body tattoo's part. i have taken about 2 - 3 weeks to finish it but i quite impress and proud for myself cause from utterly zero, i can come up with this kind of finish. show off statement huh? haha. so this is it...



Monday, November 29, 2010

i was an architecture student (the worst one)

after finished school with a very bad result, i planned to continue my study with a deep remorse and confess. yeah i know i deserved that kind of result. it so hard to find the colleges which accept student with that kind of scroll. so at that time i've become a vultures who eyeballing toward any chances. alhamdulillah, later on, one of my applications been accepted even by ordinary college. so without any argument, i decided to further my study there. that college have a three main courses which is accounting, multimedia and architecture. so a problem occurs. all i know is i love to draw. so i confuse either to choose architecture or multimedia. and i don't remember how, i decided to choose architecture. i've been studied there for two years to get a certificate. for those two years, i think it's not so bad because i've learned a lot especially about autocad which so useful and i'm still using it even i'm not in architecture track anymore. why? from beginning, i think architecture is all about designing a building but i was wrong. it's totally different because to draw for architecture is so much rules and laws to be followed. i don't like that way. it's little bit restrict my idea. but at least i know what is architecture all about. and i honestly give my respect to all architecture student who still valor on that track cause i know it's not an easy course. so these are my previous artworks when i'm in oblivion of what architecture really is. haha...

i better quit uploading. my artworks are quite embarrassing...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

favourite drummers

when talks about drum, there are various names of famous drummer emerges inside my head. it's hard to classify whether who are great, average or worst drummers because there are a lot of good drummers emerge recently till makes me wonder why and how they are very good at it. sometimes it make me envies because i can't possibly plays like them. usually, people will look into certain aspects to judge them for example, based on the speed of their strokes alone. but for me, i classified them into several elements such as showmanship, creativity, unique and speed. i really admired the drummer who wrote the great beats. the beats sometimes heard like unpredictable and off note (actually not). i can't barely aspect that they gonna come up with that kind of beat. i'm not looking on how fast or hard their beats are like other people think. so there are list of my favourite drummers according to those elements. and please don't compare them with any drummer's tycoon like mike portnoy, lars ulrich, jimmy chemberlin, dave grohl,  etc because they are already classified as legend. you might not agree with me but this is my own judgement. for me, they are upcoming legends...

travis barker - blink 182

 alex rodriguez - saosin

branden steineckert - rancid

atom willard - angles and airwaves

dango - amber pacific

the rev (r.i.p) - avenged sevenfold

derek grant - alkaline trio

dan stapp - senses fail

derek bloom - from first to last

byron mcmackin - pennywise

alex shelnutt - a day to remember

cyrus bolooki - new found glory

dan whitesides - the used

Longineu W. Parsons III - yellowcard

 shannon leto - 30 seconds to mars

  tucker rule - thursday