Friday, December 3, 2010

first artwork of adobe illustrator

i begin to use adobe illustrator since 2008. quite late right?. at that time i used adobe illustrator CS2. frankly, i already installed it since 2006 (not so sure) but it just being unused icon on my desktop cause i don't know how to use it. but it's ok cause when people saw my desktop they might think 'uhhh this guy is using illustrator, he must be good in designing'. haha. i learn to use adobe illustrator not by my own but my lecturer was taught me so. he taught me from the very basic (thanks sir). so i know the main function of adobe illustrator is to TRACE. so for the 1st assignment, as a introduction of adobe illustrator, he asked me (and classmates) to trace the portrait of real people. who else should i choose as subject? of course my favourite drummer, travis barker. FYI, this project is killing me cause i need to be very patient to trace it. especially the body tattoo's part. i have taken about 2 - 3 weeks to finish it but i quite impress and proud for myself cause from utterly zero, i can come up with this kind of finish. show off statement huh? haha. so this is it...




  1. acap,..mase ko nak import msuk blog bek ko kcikkan dulu gamba...nt org copy

  2. xpe. aku kn pemurah lg baik hati. aku dh letak signature aku tepi tu. klu org copy pn die kene masuk photoshop gak utk buang sign aku tu...

  3. besa sgt kot...sng je org nk ciplak ko nye artwork pastu jual,hehe

  4. len kali letak signature tu kat tgh2 gmbr je..lg susah org nak buang..hahahaa

  5. aiman: nk buat mcm mane. org klu dh dasar pencurik die akn buat smpai dpt curik...

    pija: xpn aku buat signature aku jd tatto die kn? haha