Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Behind The Name...

Spadeanddice is combination of spade and dice which is my life’s inspirations, visions and objectives. Let me explain. In a deck of cards, spade is the highest rank in aspect of value especially Ace of Spade. There is no card can defeat it. That’s mean, I want to be that way. Become someone who really good in everything that I’ve did. In another word, spade is my aim and target. But, to embrace it, there are many obstacles that I need to confront. For example, it depends on my destiny, fate and opportunity. And I should believe in it. I describe those things as a dice. Every toss doesn’t bring the same amount. Sometime it got better and sometime it got worse. But I should not easily surrender and don't afraid to make another roll. I believe every stand must have a stumble. At least once. So I must be still in the track and set sail to make sure that I’ve got everything that I wish. What I need to do is pray to God because He already has a master plan for every people in this world. In short, no one can change you but YOURSELF...


  1. giler kentang mamat ni wakakakaka...macam kenal je,sedara ke

  2. nice header bro. salam bloggers. :)